Benefit Sharing Arrangements (BSA) for Uganda (August 2016)

Uganda’s is ready to implement her national REDD+ Strategy. Implementation of REDD+ is envisaged to generate benefits or incentives to all stakeholders involved in REDD+ activities. In this regard, Uganda has put in place a Benefits Sharing Arrangements framework to guide sharing of REDD+ benefits in transparent and equitable manner

Benefit Sharing in REDD+ context is used to represent the wider potential stream of incentives for participation in REDD+. REDD+ incentives to national actors appear either in form of financial compensation (monetary) or non-monetary incentives. REDD+ implementation does not only generate benefits for forest stewards and carbon owners, but also involves costs and responsibilities from REDD+ actors. The description of Uganda’s REDD+ ‘benefits’ considers the implementation, transaction and opportunity costs and monetary and non-monetary benefits of a REDD+ project. Therefore, REDD+ benefits are the net benefits after discounting these costs.