Indigenous Peoples Planning Framework (IPPF) for Implementing REDD+ Strategy & Action Plan (June 2021)

The realization of REDD+ Strategies in Uganda requires inclusion and participation of every stakeholder that matters, affected or may be affected. However, the inclusion and participation of the forest dependent indigenous peoples (FDIP) tend to be very limited in the current planning processes. In view of this, what would be very important for FDIP, and have impacts in
their livelihoods and rights are either not captured or addressed inappropriately. The FDIP are left more on the receiving side. The consequences of what is implemented have sometimes severely impacted on their lives permanently.

The implementation of the REDD+ Strategy and Action Plan using the 8 strategic options will definitely have a bearing on FDIP and their livelihoods in different aspects. It is important to have in place a tailored planning framework that enables increased participation and engagementof FDIP right from the planning processes to the end so as to eliminate, minimize or mitigate
negative impacts.