Uganda REDD+ Strategy and Action Plan (October 2017)

For 2015, the forest cover of Uganda was estimated at 12 % of the total land area, or 2.42 million ha. Woodlands are the dominant forest type, accounting for about 62 % of the forest area, tropical high forests for 21 % and plantations for 17 % (MWE 2017). Remaining high forests and woodlands in Uganda Source: UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre Uganda is among the two countries with the highest deforestation rate globally. The natural forest cover has experienced a strong decline in area in the past decades. In 2000, forests are estimated to have covered 3.12 million hectares, and declined to 2.42 million hectares in 2015, about 11.8 % of the total land area. In 1990, forest cover had been estimated at 24 % of total land area (MWE 2017).