This website provides information to stakeholders on how social and environmental safeguards are being addressed and respected throughout the implementation of the National REDD+ Strategy in Uganda, ensuring that no harm is done and that benefits are delivered to people and the environment.

REDD+  is an acronym for Reducing of Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation. The plus sign (+) stands for the role of Conservation, Sustainable Forest Management and Enhancement of Carbon Stocks (REDD+). The activities encompasses in the (+) enhance the land’s capacity for carbon storage through activities that improve forest health. In addition to carbon stocks being protected by avoiding forest damage and or clearing of entire forests, measures such as better forest management, conservation, restoration, and afforestation also increase carbon stocks

Uganda’s National REDD+ Academy
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What is REDD+
Saving Forests in Uganda
Uganda’s New Forests.
New vision and NFA plant 1,200 trees 

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